Face-Body-Mind Connection

When you look at your face, what do you see?
You’ll probably see your mother or father or a scar that you got from the time you were twelve. And maybe even a wrinkle or two.
A Chinese face reader will see it differently.
They’ll see in your nose how hard you work, your thinking style and your 20’s in your forehead, your generosity and relationship to your mother in your lips.
And whatsmore, they’ll see the external expression of who you are and will guide you to match your internal with your external life.
As I’ve said before, your face is an expression of nature as much as any mountain, tree or lake.
We all know what a tree needs to be a tree, what if you could be told what you needed to be more “you”?
Many people think face reading is a parlour trick to manipulate or judge someone.
It’s based on the same ancient science as acupuncture, feng shui and traditional Chinese medicine. As far back as 600 BC mentions of face reading have been found in texts.
It was developed with the holistic belief that each part of the body represents the entire body.
That the face is a perfect indicator of the health of the entire body, the health of every organ is mirrored in a part of the face.
In China, doctors were not allowed to touch women so face reading became a vital tool.
They also believed that the mind and body exist in a circle of interaction. The physical and mental are inseparable.
No one regrets physically exercising and the emotional high afterwards. Everyone has noticed that a bad mood makes a bad day and dressing well can perk your mental well being.
Then according to Chinese medicine, bad emotional health will correlate to an unhealthy body.
As such, if you came to Chinese face reader with health complaints, they’ll be able to point out where the emotional imbalances or the belief pattern that may have caused the problem.
So as face reading can be used for health diagnosis, it can be used to evaluate emotional struggles and the people you’ll be attracted to and the work you’ll enjoy.
I’ll make a disclaimer here. I do not work with diagnosis, my primary work through face reading is with the spirit.
So this another part of what face reading is about, the belief in the face-mind-body connection and matching the internal to the external and vice versa.
This is it for today’s post. I can’t get into the “how” just yet but hopefully this has provided more insight. More info on the morrow.

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