Rhythms, cycles and Principles

I’ll repeat this until I die:

The Chinese intently observed nature and made this the foundation for their medicine.

These principles are the meaning of life. Yup. You read that correctly. In entire seriousness I mean it. So I said that it was based of nature, and nature, well, it changes shape and form across time. Have you heard of the Einstein quote that energy is never lost, it changes? That’s one way of explaining it. The different stages of energy as it changes are called different things and they have different qualities.

Imagine a clock.

At six we have the “element” Water. It is to do with winter, the embryo in the womb, potential, the unseen, the unexpected, creativity, being, floating, the abyss, death, the ancestors, the other side, intuition, chaos, destruction (flooding), bravery, stubbornness. The emotion associated with water is fear, not anxiety or worry, but a paralysing deep terror.

At eight we have the element Wood. It is do with springtime, the child rushing around, it transforms the dreams of water into matter, so it has associations with plans, organisation, order, growth, but as growth can be blocked (like plants in spring blocked by frozen soil) its emotion is anger, exasperation, frustration, pressure. Also, doing is associated with this element, action, impatience, as well as thunder, the wind, the warrior, competitiveness, shame, problem solving, judgement. Wood features are blocky, square – so strong jawline, indented temples, square hairline, strong brow bone, strong eyebrows.

At midday we have the element Fire. It is do with summer, the prime of your life, fun, thrills, wit, flippancy, emotions, love, the open heart – but also the vulnerability of the heart – also quickness, flirtation, scorching remarks, gossip, creativity of a quick spur of the moment kind, drama queen. Everything in full bloom. The emotion associated with Fire is over-excitement, exuberance, which can lead to being scattered, erratic, anxious. At the most extreme, panic attacks. Fire features are pointed, pricks and tips of things, curls (esp. red and curly), dimples.

At two we have the element Earth. It is to with early autumn, harvest, middle age, kindness, patience, friendliness, the mother, grounded, neediness, self pitying, overprotective, over supportive, generosity, modesty, dependency, feeding. The emotion associated with Earth is worry (as they care so much and are other focused.) Earthy features are cushy, thick and soft, an overall plumpness.

At five we have the element Metal. It is to do with late autumn, old age, grief, sorrow, sensitivity, arrogance, criticism (of self and others), pride, idealism, visionary, heaven, the sacred, having high standards, ethereality, graciousness, authenticity, inflexibility, perfectionism, detail focused, the father. The emotion associated with Metal is grief, the issue of revisiting loss time and time again, only to relive it and not move forward. Anxiety is also associated with Metal (different from Fire) as it’s a worry to get things “right” and “perfect.” Metal features are bony and sculpted – prominent nose, regal posture, paleness, concave lower cheeks, prominent upper cheeks, a fine bone structure.

Of course this is so very simplistic. I’ve tailored it to reflect personality, but you can apply this is anything! A meal – water, thinking about the meal, dreaming it. Wood, doing it, planning it, buying ingredients. Fire, cooking it! Earth, feeding time and Metal clearing it away. It can be applied to sexual encounters, stories, your day at work, the years! Anything!

I don’t want to say what features are associated with each element, which eyebrows are fiery, which nose is earthy, because that’s an entire blog in itself. Rather, I hope, that this is background enough.

If you’re eagle eyed you’ll have noticed that I have all five elements “behind” every logo.

More on the morrow.

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