Reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Patterns!

Yesterday I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk with Marie Forleo. She was saying that “done is better than good.”

I’m completely bowled over as to how it fits with her design, the patterns in her birth date

Everyone of us has a challenge in life, a theme that is subtly interwoven time and time again.

For Gilbert this is perfectionism.

Her destiny speaks of a Queen, and the queen must always have the best in life.

But of course Queens are demanding but they are not finishers. The perfectionism cripples them.

Interestingly enough this contrasts with the other pattern she has – that of the Warrior.

In nature this is associated with Spring, the drive and the push of new life. Warriors are their strongest when they feel powerful, which often comes from getting shit done.

Now imagine, Queens order warriors to fight in wars and such and it’s similar with perfectionism/completing – the perfectionism always wins over completing.

The Queen wins over the Warrior because of her status.

But it sounds like we have a human being who has made peace with this lesson and found a balance

These observations are all made through Chinese face reading and an Asian system of birth date reading, all based in observing nature.

More on the morrow!!

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