Hair of the Mother

As you may have noticed I’ve chosen a similar hairstyle to represent mother hair which is exactly the same as the style shown for warrior hair.

Warriors will place their hair in buns and ponytails or keep it short for reasons of practicality, their M.O. is get up and go as fast as possible. They don’t want anything to hinder them.

Mothers are slightly different.

As a personality, according to Chinese face reading, they’ll be incredibly generous, even giving what they need to others, and they’ll be incredibly kind. Life is all giving to them and no receiving, so this means they’ll be easily taken advantage of.

As an archetype they’re the person who puts everyone before themselves – like a mother at home, who’s the one to chase the children out of bed, make sure they have everything to eat and their packed lunches.

But where is the time for them?

And so when it comes to their hair, it’s throw everything up and away or keep it short and hassle free in order to take care of everyone else as quickly as possible.

Taking the time to go to the hairdressers or wash their hair with luxuriant shampoo, or taking the time to braid it nicely, it will make them feel guilty because they are using time on them and not others.

If over time they’ve achieved a level of self care to go to the hairdressers without any guilt, the style they will choose will be very safe and the same they’ve worn for 20 years. No fashion risks here! No crazy colours!

Of course you don’t need to be this personality to wear your hair like this. If you find you’re just throwing your hair into any style and it hasn’t been washed for five days, it’s a subconscious expression of how your life is right now, sacrificing your basic needs for others.

Next time will be the last in this series. Next time we will be talking about queen hair!!

Warrior hair!!

In this post as promised we are focusing on “warrior” hair, as in the previous posts we spoke of “fire” and “witch” hair.

Warriors in Chinese face reading are known as people who get up and go, if they want something, they go out and they do it. As such they can be called blunt, rigid, or rude, but also energetic and bubbling with positivity.

Their energy and attitude is correlated by the pattern of spring in nature, a time of new life but also of upward movement.

Up is a simple direction but with a lot of movement – so you can expect the warrior in your life to wear their hair short, or if they keep it long, swept into a high and very secured bun or maybe even a pony tail.

A simple braid will take too long, these people want to be ready and out the door.

If you imagine (in days gone by) of a warrior placing on their armour and helmet prior to battle, little to no attention will be placed on their hair – as long as it’s out of the way, it’s good hair!

Even if the personality description of the warrior doesn’t match you, wearing your hair like this is subconscious choice to bring more “warrior” into your life.

I’m sure when it’s come to getting stuff done and (if you have long hair) we all pin our hair back in a warrior fashion – quick, simple and easy, not worrying about fashion.

Next time we’ll explore what kind of hair the personality type of the “mother” will wear.

“Witch” Hair Bingo!

In the previous post I spoke of hair representing your personality and I focused on one hair style for one personality type – shaved hair styles for the “fire” personality.

Today we’ll cover what wearing your hair extraordinarily long means.

For you as a person it means you are highly imaginative, stubborn and intuitive – that you may often come up with information that you have no idea where it came from, or you have “knowing before you know” feelings quite a lot.

We can call this personality type the dreamer or the witch!

Even if none of this sounds like your personality, choosing to wear your hair very long means that you are choosing to “boost” these qualities in your life.

The pattern in nature that the “witch” is related to is the abyss or winter – places which are naturally very dark, and so choosing to dye your hair black or very dark is a sign that you want more intuition, mystery and creativity in your life.

Also, having a natural wave in your hair means the same thing.

So with this woman in the photograph we can almost play “witch” hair bingo – black, very long hair with a wave to it.

Next post we’ll cover what “warrior” hair looks like

What does half shaving your hair mean?

A few posts ago I wrote about what having red hair means, that the colour red is associated with the emotion of joy, and so it’s is indicative of someone who has an exuberant personality, who may be quick with a laugh or a joke.

I also introduced the idea that it didn’t matter if you weren’t born a red head, that if you chose to have redder hair you might notice yourself becoming more joyful.

Well choosing to half shave your hair means something similar!

In Chinese Medicine red hair is associated with fire, but this has to do with the pursuit of fun, liveliness, summer time – everything I said above – but sometimes fire has the pattern of extremes associated with it.

Like half shaving your hair off.

Again, since no one is born like this, choosing to wear your hair like this is sign of either craving more fun, wanting to stand out, or just expressing the “fire” you already have in your nature.

Other “fire” hairstyles are rainbow hair, unicorn hair, mohawks, spiking your hair into 6 inch spikes with gel, anything that makes you do a double take and think “WOAH!!!”

Have you ever seen someone wear their hair in a “fire” way?

Feeling Isolated?

Were you born or do you know anyone born in:
1999, 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, 1954, 1945, 1936 or 1927?

Most but not all people born in these years will have some emotional (or even perhaps even physical) experience of isolation.

Whether that’s being ostracised by a community or group, or simply missing the memo for the meeting, or feeling so very different from the rest of society….This can create some kind of loneliness for you.

This is not a type of loneliness which is the craving of company, it’s an icy cut, an abandonment, that can make you feel helpless and lost. Mute on how to voice all this. Unsure if there could be anyone who could possibly understand.

The theme in your birth date that signifies this is the pattern of winter which as we all know, is the time of hibernation, solitude, frost and snow.

But remarkably also in this pattern we have the “cure” as well.

Wintery people are often some of the bravest and most courageous people. They are able to draw on hidden inner resources to push through the feelings of helplessness.

Or maybe they’d use their intuition, their “psychic” abilities to find a way forward.

Or maybe, hardest of all, they’d trust and have faith they will be led to the right people.

If you have this pattern in your birth date, you are pre-programmed to have these experiences, either by your “filter” or behaviour that can “attract” these experiences.

In no way am I saying here that you are “doomed” or I am blaming you for your experiences because you have this pattern. This is not a fatalistic system.

It’s pattern. And a pattern is a pattern is a pattern is pattern is a pattern is pattern.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I’d thought I’d offer you an insight to the second part of my work – reading birth dates. Please note, I do not solely read birth dates. I read them in conjunction with the face.

A little dash of this, a little bit of that…

One of the most common obstacles I run up against as a face reader explaining her work, is this particularly western mindset of “either/or” or “all or nothing.”

What I mean by that is that sometimes when I explain a feature in it’s full meaning, as if someone is entirely an isolated nose, sometimes some people say “well I’m half of that so face reading doesn’t work.”

It’s more complex than that, and the only way I can really describe it is through food.

Sometimes when we bake a recipe we add all these different spices and ingredients in various amounts to modify the flavour.

That’s the key word here: modify.

So we have several different chocolate cakes:

One has more aniseed and chili.
One is made with frozen mash potato to give the sponge a denser texture.
And the last one is made with some kind of lavender infusion.

Tasting these three different cakes will yield three different experiences, despite being in essence a chocolate cake.

And It’s the same with people and their faces.

Replace the flavour of chocolate with the personality and features of the “queen.”

Then replace the modifications like so:

The aniseed and chilli becomes a queen with red hair and freckles.

The frozen mash becomes a queen with a domed forehead.

The lavender infusion becomes another queen with a long and bony nose.

Meeting these three different queens will yield three very different experiences of their behaviour.

The “flavouring” of red hair, a domed forehead or a bony nose will give them subtle changes despite being the same at the core.

So returning to my first point, cakes are not “either/or” and people are not!! They’re different and complex variations on the same theme.

The presence of a larger pattern in the face amounts to a larger amount of an ingredient, and one feature (like a dash of aniseed) can affect the overall unique meaning of a face.

If you ever find yourself reading one of those posts where I describe one feature fully, please note that I’m only fully describing one ingredient fully not the whole cake, and certainly not the spices.

This is because Chinese face reading is a HOLISTIC practice, I read the features individually and then together to see how they “dance,” “modify” to become something completely and uniquely you.

Apologies if this post was too advanced today, it was just something I kept encountering!

I explain this better on the about page of my website,, so if you didn’t quite understand this post, please read this

Red Hair

Do you have red hair like this girl?

There is huge difference between how red hair is viewed in the Western world and in Chinese medicine.

In western cultures, red hair has a tradition of being associated with temper. And so, “fiery” is a term interchangeable with anger.

Not so with Chinese medicine.

The colour red is associated with the emotion of joy.

And so in Chinese face reading this hair is indicative of someone who has an exuberant personality, who may be quick with a laugh or a joke. Or alternatively maybe someone who is very shy, as they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Now what’s interesting is that it doesn’t matter if you were a born red head.

If you ever find yourself reaching for the red hair dye, maybe take a chance to notice if you’re craving more joy or fun in your life.

And if you have dyed your hair red, do you feel that it’s given you an extra joyful boost that you can’t quite place your finger on?