Red Hair

Do you have red hair like this girl?

There is huge difference between how red hair is viewed in the Western world and in Chinese medicine.

In western cultures, red hair has a tradition of being associated with temper. And so, “fiery” is a term interchangeable with anger.

Not so with Chinese medicine.

The colour red is associated with the emotion of joy.

And so in Chinese face reading this hair is indicative of someone who has an exuberant personality, who may be quick with a laugh or a joke. Or alternatively maybe someone who is very shy, as they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Now what’s interesting is that it doesn’t matter if you were a born red head.

If you ever find yourself reaching for the red hair dye, maybe take a chance to notice if you’re craving more joy or fun in your life.

And if you have dyed your hair red, do you feel that it’s given you an extra joyful boost that you can’t quite place your finger on?

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