A little dash of this, a little bit of that…

One of the most common obstacles I run up against as a face reader explaining her work, is this particularly western mindset of “either/or” or “all or nothing.”

What I mean by that is that sometimes when I explain a feature in it’s full meaning, as if someone is entirely an isolated nose, sometimes some people say “well I’m half of that so face reading doesn’t work.”

It’s more complex than that, and the only way I can really describe it is through food.

Sometimes when we bake a recipe we add all these different spices and ingredients in various amounts to modify the flavour.

That’s the key word here: modify.

So we have several different chocolate cakes:

One has more aniseed and chili.
One is made with frozen mash potato to give the sponge a denser texture.
And the last one is made with some kind of lavender infusion.

Tasting these three different cakes will yield three different experiences, despite being in essence a chocolate cake.

And It’s the same with people and their faces.

Replace the flavour of chocolate with the personality and features of the “queen.”

Then replace the modifications like so:

The aniseed and chilli becomes a queen with red hair and freckles.

The frozen mash becomes a queen with a domed forehead.

The lavender infusion becomes another queen with a long and bony nose.

Meeting these three different queens will yield three very different experiences of their behaviour.

The “flavouring” of red hair, a domed forehead or a bony nose will give them subtle changes despite being the same at the core.

So returning to my first point, cakes are not “either/or” and people are not!! They’re different and complex variations on the same theme.

The presence of a larger pattern in the face amounts to a larger amount of an ingredient, and one feature (like a dash of aniseed) can affect the overall unique meaning of a face.

If you ever find yourself reading one of those posts where I describe one feature fully, please note that I’m only fully describing one ingredient fully not the whole cake, and certainly not the spices.

This is because Chinese face reading is a HOLISTIC practice, I read the features individually and then together to see how they “dance,” “modify” to become something completely and uniquely you.

Apologies if this post was too advanced today, it was just something I kept encountering!

I explain this better on the about page of my website, https://circularfacereading.com/about-chinese-face-reading/, so if you didn’t quite understand this post, please read this

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