Feeling Isolated?

Were you born or do you know anyone born in:
1999, 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, 1954, 1945, 1936 or 1927?

Most but not all people born in these years will have some emotional (or even perhaps even physical) experience of isolation.

Whether that’s being ostracised by a community or group, or simply missing the memo for the meeting, or feeling so very different from the rest of society….This can create some kind of loneliness for you.

This is not a type of loneliness which is the craving of company, it’s an icy cut, an abandonment, that can make you feel helpless and lost. Mute on how to voice all this. Unsure if there could be anyone who could possibly understand.

The theme in your birth date that signifies this is the pattern of winter which as we all know, is the time of hibernation, solitude, frost and snow.

But remarkably also in this pattern we have the “cure” as well.

Wintery people are often some of the bravest and most courageous people. They are able to draw on hidden inner resources to push through the feelings of helplessness.

Or maybe they’d use their intuition, their “psychic” abilities to find a way forward.

Or maybe, hardest of all, they’d trust and have faith they will be led to the right people.

If you have this pattern in your birth date, you are pre-programmed to have these experiences, either by your “filter” or behaviour that can “attract” these experiences.

In no way am I saying here that you are “doomed” or I am blaming you for your experiences because you have this pattern. This is not a fatalistic system.

It’s pattern. And a pattern is a pattern is a pattern is pattern is a pattern is pattern.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I’d thought I’d offer you an insight to the second part of my work – reading birth dates. Please note, I do not solely read birth dates. I read them in conjunction with the face.

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