What does half shaving your hair mean?

A few posts ago I wrote about what having red hair means, that the colour red is associated with the emotion of joy, and so it’s is indicative of someone who has an exuberant personality, who may be quick with a laugh or a joke.

I also introduced the idea that it didn’t matter if you weren’t born a red head, that if you chose to have redder hair you might notice yourself becoming more joyful.

Well choosing to half shave your hair means something similar!

In Chinese Medicine red hair is associated with fire, but this has to do with the pursuit of fun, liveliness, summer time – everything I said above – but sometimes fire has the pattern of extremes associated with it.

Like half shaving your hair off.

Again, since no one is born like this, choosing to wear your hair like this is sign of either craving more fun, wanting to stand out, or just expressing the “fire” you already have in your nature.

Other “fire” hairstyles are rainbow hair, unicorn hair, mohawks, spiking your hair into 6 inch spikes with gel, anything that makes you do a double take and think “WOAH!!!”

Have you ever seen someone wear their hair in a “fire” way?

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