“Witch” Hair Bingo!

In the previous post I spoke of hair representing your personality and I focused on one hair style for one personality type – shaved hair styles for the “fire” personality.

Today we’ll cover what wearing your hair extraordinarily long means.

For you as a person it means you are highly imaginative, stubborn and intuitive – that you may often come up with information that you have no idea where it came from, or you have “knowing before you know” feelings quite a lot.

We can call this personality type the dreamer or the witch!

Even if none of this sounds like your personality, choosing to wear your hair very long means that you are choosing to “boost” these qualities in your life.

The pattern in nature that the “witch” is related to is the abyss or winter – places which are naturally very dark, and so choosing to dye your hair black or very dark is a sign that you want more intuition, mystery and creativity in your life.

Also, having a natural wave in your hair means the same thing.

So with this woman in the photograph we can almost play “witch” hair bingo – black, very long hair with a wave to it.

Next post we’ll cover what “warrior” hair looks like

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