Warrior hair!!

In this post as promised we are focusing on “warrior” hair, as in the previous posts we spoke of “fire” and “witch” hair.

Warriors in Chinese face reading are known as people who get up and go, if they want something, they go out and they do it. As such they can be called blunt, rigid, or rude, but also energetic and bubbling with positivity.

Their energy and attitude is correlated by the pattern of spring in nature, a time of new life but also of upward movement.

Up is a simple direction but with a lot of movement – so you can expect the warrior in your life to wear their hair short, or if they keep it long, swept into a high and very secured bun or maybe even a pony tail.

A simple braid will take too long, these people want to be ready and out the door.

If you imagine (in days gone by) of a warrior placing on their armour and helmet prior to battle, little to no attention will be placed on their hair – as long as it’s out of the way, it’s good hair!

Even if the personality description of the warrior doesn’t match you, wearing your hair like this is subconscious choice to bring more “warrior” into your life.

I’m sure when it’s come to getting stuff done and (if you have long hair) we all pin our hair back in a warrior fashion – quick, simple and easy, not worrying about fashion.

Next time we’ll explore what kind of hair the personality type of the “mother” will wear.

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