Hair of the Mother

As you may have noticed I’ve chosen a similar hairstyle to represent mother hair which is exactly the same as the style shown for warrior hair.

Warriors will place their hair in buns and ponytails or keep it short for reasons of practicality, their M.O. is get up and go as fast as possible. They don’t want anything to hinder them.

Mothers are slightly different.

As a personality, according to Chinese face reading, they’ll be incredibly generous, even giving what they need to others, and they’ll be incredibly kind. Life is all giving to them and no receiving, so this means they’ll be easily taken advantage of.

As an archetype they’re the person who puts everyone before themselves – like a mother at home, who’s the one to chase the children out of bed, make sure they have everything to eat and their packed lunches.

But where is the time for them?

And so when it comes to their hair, it’s throw everything up and away or keep it short and hassle free in order to take care of everyone else as quickly as possible.

Taking the time to go to the hairdressers or wash their hair with luxuriant shampoo, or taking the time to braid it nicely, it will make them feel guilty because they are using time on them and not others.

If over time they’ve achieved a level of self care to go to the hairdressers without any guilt, the style they will choose will be very safe and the same they’ve worn for 20 years. No fashion risks here! No crazy colours!

Of course you don’t need to be this personality to wear your hair like this. If you find you’re just throwing your hair into any style and it hasn’t been washed for five days, it’s a subconscious expression of how your life is right now, sacrificing your basic needs for others.

Next time will be the last in this series. Next time we will be talking about queen hair!!

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