Nose, Nose, Nose!

How much does a painting hanging crooked by a millimetre annoy you?

If your nose is very prominent and comes off quite a bit from the face, you might have agreed very much with this sentence.

You have seem to have very heightened sense of awareness, very sensitive to dirt and even other’s emotions.

If someone is angry and sits next to you, you’ll start to feel sick, and it’s the same if you enter a hoarder’s house or a messy environment – unpleasant physical sensations.

In your own home you’ll be meticulous and neat. Your way of tidying is to throw everything into a draw and shut it because if you can’t see it, doesn’t bother you.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Chinese face reading is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, which in turn is based on thousands of years of observing the patterns in nature.

This particular nose relates to the pattern of late autumn and old age – a time where we have increased awareness of what has happened in the year or our lifetimes and preparing for the winter (or death) ahead.

For Gratitude is a Moving Thing


I’m back from Wales, apologies for no posting this week.

Coming back I’m grateful for the eleven days (or thirteen???) I had and so, because my brain can’t help it, I started to think about what Chinese Medicine says about gratitude.

Often when we hear “grateful” it’s accompanied by “should” – “You should be grateful” – so any image of gratefulness we have is clouded by resentment and obligation. All heavy, still and stifling.

The word gratitude on the other hand…I don’t think it’s something that western society introduces or teaches very well. So for me what springs to mind is a blank space or question marks. I’m not that very well acquainted with it at this moment.

The pattern in nature that Chinese Medicine associates with gratitude is late autumn.

This is because once harvesting is over in early autumn, you have to store and stock the food to last you for the winter. If the harvest has been bounteous, then you feel grateful and blessed with what you have received.

No resentment or shoulds involved.

It’s about looking at what you have or receiving a gift and feeling blessed.

Another thing which I find interesting is that late autumn is a period of movement, not energetic movement per se, but the slow and changing movement of leaves falling from trees.

So if we go by what CM observes, gratitude is an eternally moving thing not built on stasis.

And that’s what blessings do. They come and they go.

You can’t be obligated to feel blessed or grateful because then it’s not gratitude.

For gratitude to work, you need to slow down, count your stock, what you have in life, and know like the burning glory of autumn, that it won’t be there for forever.

For gratitude is a moving thing.


I’ve noticed that a very particular person loves pineapples 🍍

It’s not the taste of them they like but the shape. They’ll go crazy over pineapple prints, pineapple trinket boxes, pineapple statues….

This person is usually someone who has a wicked sense of humour, is quick to joke, tease and laugh. They’re easily excited and enthusiastic about everything, and will often use superlatives to dramatise the ordinary – waiting 5 minutes will “kill” them.

Do you recognise any of yourself in this?

If not and you find yourself going through a phase of liking pineapples, it could be that life has been life has been very dull of late.

You’re (subconsciously) trying to bring more fun into your life with the fun and spiky silhouette of the pineapple.

If you’re new here and you’re thinking, “how the hell are pineapples related to fun?!”

Do not worry.

I study the patterns of Chinese medicine which are based on some incredible observations of nature, 3,000 years of research in fact.

It’s my job as a face reader to extrapolate these patterns of nature to guide anyone to be their best selves.

Because nature patterns aren’t just about the seasons.

If you’d like to find out more, visit my website

See you next time!


Influence of the Ancestors

I’m writing to you from Wales today.

Yesterday I mentioned a Roman road that went up to the fort, well here is the fort and the view from it.

When I first walked up here in my university days I actually walked past it – it’s nothing more than a suspiciously high,
flat and large piece of earth.

Again, because I do have the philosophical patterns in my face and birthdate, it got me thinking.

Thinking about history, of how things rise and fall. Thinking about the legionaries and centurions who were sent here, where did they come from? Did they like it here in wet and grey Wales? And who was the bright spark that chose this position? Do they have any living descendants?

Chinese medicine talks about ancestors but in a very different definition.

Ancestors aren’t those simply dead people who came before you.

In Chinese medicine there is a belief that once a soul has passed on, all their life lessons and wisdom that they’ve learnt is available for support and intuitive download for any of their descendants to use.

If you want to be crazy here, Chinese medicine teaches that this information is stored in the kidneys, that the kidneys are the hands of our ancestors supporting us forward.

Like a river in full spate, we need do nothing. Just lean back and be carried forward.

The lesson in this is that we are taught so well that in order to “fix” things there needs to be a forced solution. That we need to go out and get it.

The lesson in this is the opposite. The answers are all inside and if we wander pulled by intuit, simply listen (to our kidneys!!) we’ll fix our “problems” in ways that we couldn’t conceive of.

Intuition is creative ♥️

(By the way if you’re open to it, you can try a short intuitive experience when you have five minutes of talking to an ancestor. In a quiet and calm state of mind focus on your breathing. And when you feel ready ask for an ancestor to come forward and introduce themselves. If no one comes, don’t worry. If they do, hooray! You can have a normal conversation, ask about their lives, or simply ask if they have a solution to an issue you’re struggling with. You’ll know if they come from intuit if they fill you with peace ✌🏻. If all this sounds too crazy for you, no worries 😉 Enjoy your day!)

Love, C

Things Change because they Change

Hello! I’m writing to you all from Wales, this picture taken on a walk not far from Lampeter.

To the left (hidden by the trees) is an old Roman road going to the fort behind me. I could tell it was Roman because of how straight it is.

It made me think that, in life, we always wish for a straight road. To find the right person before 30 and be with them for life, to work this job and then retire from it.

Usually our desire for a straight life road has a deeper root of believing life is a race, and even deeper still – to want it to be easy, to avoid difficulty, curves, wandering, mistakes and interest.

It’s the rare and privileged person who has the straight road.

Most of us will bump, curve, reverse, maybe even stop to reflect.

And that’s okay.

It’s all okay to wander or to make mistakes, to not be where you want to be. And it’s even okay to take stops to get your bearings.

If you are in this position now, I want to remind you that it isn’t permanent.

Your longing for elsewhere is your fuel.

Things will change because they change

What does Princess hair look like? 3/3

Chinese medicine is all about observing the patterns in nature and extrapolating it to behaviors, personalities, the flavours in food, and even hairstyles.

The pattern in nature behind both the Queen and Princess or (Prince and King if you are male) is late autumn.

This is a time where nature can be it’s most beautiful. The glowing amber of dying leaves, the reds, the golds… But the beauty is so fleeting. Have you ever looked up at autumnal leaves and felt a sense of longing or pity that it can’t be this way forever?

As a personality this means that a Princess is someone who appreciates beauty, who will go out of their way to create art as in creating art, they will recreate that sense of longing of looking up at the trees in autumn.

In approaching fashion, Princesses will love to create beauty through complexity.

They’ll want to keep their hair in elaborate braids, extraordinarily detailed, and very pretty – very princessy!

They’ll probably be the ones who know five types of braids or more, who are subscribed to several YouTube braiding channels. And their favorite braid will be the most complex and intricate to do – the fishtail (shown in red hair) or the five stranded.

The amount of time it takes to do these braids will not bother them – they will feel pretty!

You don’t have to match this personality description if you ever worn your hair in a fishtail braid or otherwise.

If you’ve ever had the desire to wear your hair this way or you’ve done it, it’s a case of wanting to feel pretty, to feel good, and also to be a bit more creative with your hair.

It may be obvious but I do have a lot of this princess nature in my personality, so personally I view it as creating a temporary artwork but in hair


Image result for fishtail braid free image

What does Queen hair look like? 2/3

Chinese medicine is all about observing the patterns in nature and extrapolating it to behaviors, personalities, the flavours in food, and even hairstyles.

The pattern in nature behind both the Queen and Princess or (Prince and King if you are male) is late autumn.

This is a time where we are taking stock, reviewing the year just gone and the year ahead, and also preparing the food for winter. So in order to survive winter we need to be sensitive to our supplies, we need to be detail orientated.

As a personality this means that a Queen is someone who is very detail orientated (perhaps even being extremely controlling) and very sensitive to subtle unseen energies – feeling sick when entering a room where an argument has happened two days before.

In approaching fashion, because they feel all this “stuff,” they’ll want to keep their hair sleek, professional, glossy, but not fussy. The reason being they don’t want more complications in addition to what they’re already “feeling.”

Classic and timeless are their bywords.

They will wear their hair in buns but it will be a chignon. Or if they wear their hair loose it will be long, but not too long, and you can tell they look after it with the simplest and best hair products they can afford.

You don’t need to match the personality description if you wear your hair this way.

If you do wear classic and timeless styles it could mean that you want to feel in control, or appear as if you do – maybe there is some event where you need to impress.

Or you’re at time in your life where you want to feel more grown up (i.e. regal), and simple and classic is the way to go.



Queen Hair: 1/3

Since the last post I’ve been thinking about how to write this post on “Queen” hair as there are actually two different expressions of this personality, particularly when it comes to wearing and styling hair. So this will be the first out of three posts.

This is because there is a yin (inward) expression and yang (outward) expression of this personality type.

A very simple and horrendously basic explanation would be, that in this work yin personality types describe someone who is more concerned with people and relations, while yang types are more concerned with outward achievement.

Now to make this even more complex, the yin and yang aren’t exclusive to just this type, there are yin and yang warriors, yin and yang mothers, but when it comes to hair in those types the difference in hair styling is minimal. So I did not discuss it.

Queens (the yang expression) and Princesses (the yin expression) have hugely different approaches despite being similar in essence.

So onward to Queen hair!