Queen Hair: 1/3

Since the last post I’ve been thinking about how to write this post on “Queen” hair as there are actually two different expressions of this personality, particularly when it comes to wearing and styling hair. So this will be the first out of three posts.

This is because there is a yin (inward) expression and yang (outward) expression of this personality type.

A very simple and horrendously basic explanation would be, that in this work yin personality types describe someone who is more concerned with people and relations, while yang types are more concerned with outward achievement.

Now to make this even more complex, the yin and yang aren’t exclusive to just this type, there are yin and yang warriors, yin and yang mothers, but when it comes to hair in those types the difference in hair styling is minimal. So I did not discuss it.

Queens (the yang expression) and Princesses (the yin expression) have hugely different approaches despite being similar in essence.

So onward to Queen hair!

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