What does Princess hair look like? 3/3

Chinese medicine is all about observing the patterns in nature and extrapolating it to behaviors, personalities, the flavours in food, and even hairstyles.

The pattern in nature behind both the Queen and Princess or (Prince and King if you are male) is late autumn.

This is a time where nature can be it’s most beautiful. The glowing amber of dying leaves, the reds, the golds… But the beauty is so fleeting. Have you ever looked up at autumnal leaves and felt a sense of longing or pity that it can’t be this way forever?

As a personality this means that a Princess is someone who appreciates beauty, who will go out of their way to create art as in creating art, they will recreate that sense of longing of looking up at the trees in autumn.

In approaching fashion, Princesses will love to create beauty through complexity.

They’ll want to keep their hair in elaborate braids, extraordinarily detailed, and very pretty – very princessy!

They’ll probably be the ones who know five types of braids or more, who are subscribed to several YouTube braiding channels. And their favorite braid will be the most complex and intricate to do – the fishtail (shown in red hair) or the five stranded.

The amount of time it takes to do these braids will not bother them – they will feel pretty!

You don’t have to match this personality description if you ever worn your hair in a fishtail braid or otherwise.

If you’ve ever had the desire to wear your hair this way or you’ve done it, it’s a case of wanting to feel pretty, to feel good, and also to be a bit more creative with your hair.

It may be obvious but I do have a lot of this princess nature in my personality, so personally I view it as creating a temporary artwork but in hair


Image result for fishtail braid free image

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