What does Queen hair look like? 2/3

Chinese medicine is all about observing the patterns in nature and extrapolating it to behaviors, personalities, the flavours in food, and even hairstyles.

The pattern in nature behind both the Queen and Princess or (Prince and King if you are male) is late autumn.

This is a time where we are taking stock, reviewing the year just gone and the year ahead, and also preparing the food for winter. So in order to survive winter we need to be sensitive to our supplies, we need to be detail orientated.

As a personality this means that a Queen is someone who is very detail orientated (perhaps even being extremely controlling) and very sensitive to subtle unseen energies – feeling sick when entering a room where an argument has happened two days before.

In approaching fashion, because they feel all this “stuff,” they’ll want to keep their hair sleek, professional, glossy, but not fussy. The reason being they don’t want more complications in addition to what they’re already “feeling.”

Classic and timeless are their bywords.

They will wear their hair in buns but it will be a chignon. Or if they wear their hair loose it will be long, but not too long, and you can tell they look after it with the simplest and best hair products they can afford.

You don’t need to match the personality description if you wear your hair this way.

If you do wear classic and timeless styles it could mean that you want to feel in control, or appear as if you do – maybe there is some event where you need to impress.

Or you’re at time in your life where you want to feel more grown up (i.e. regal), and simple and classic is the way to go.



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