Influence of the Ancestors

I’m writing to you from Wales today.

Yesterday I mentioned a Roman road that went up to the fort, well here is the fort and the view from it.

When I first walked up here in my university days I actually walked past it – it’s nothing more than a suspiciously high,
flat and large piece of earth.

Again, because I do have the philosophical patterns in my face and birthdate, it got me thinking.

Thinking about history, of how things rise and fall. Thinking about the legionaries and centurions who were sent here, where did they come from? Did they like it here in wet and grey Wales? And who was the bright spark that chose this position? Do they have any living descendants?

Chinese medicine talks about ancestors but in a very different definition.

Ancestors aren’t those simply dead people who came before you.

In Chinese medicine there is a belief that once a soul has passed on, all their life lessons and wisdom that they’ve learnt is available for support and intuitive download for any of their descendants to use.

If you want to be crazy here, Chinese medicine teaches that this information is stored in the kidneys, that the kidneys are the hands of our ancestors supporting us forward.

Like a river in full spate, we need do nothing. Just lean back and be carried forward.

The lesson in this is that we are taught so well that in order to “fix” things there needs to be a forced solution. That we need to go out and get it.

The lesson in this is the opposite. The answers are all inside and if we wander pulled by intuit, simply listen (to our kidneys!!) we’ll fix our “problems” in ways that we couldn’t conceive of.

Intuition is creative ♥️

(By the way if you’re open to it, you can try a short intuitive experience when you have five minutes of talking to an ancestor. In a quiet and calm state of mind focus on your breathing. And when you feel ready ask for an ancestor to come forward and introduce themselves. If no one comes, don’t worry. If they do, hooray! You can have a normal conversation, ask about their lives, or simply ask if they have a solution to an issue you’re struggling with. You’ll know if they come from intuit if they fill you with peace ✌🏻. If all this sounds too crazy for you, no worries 😉 Enjoy your day!)

Love, C

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