I’ve noticed that a very particular person loves pineapples 🍍

It’s not the taste of them they like but the shape. They’ll go crazy over pineapple prints, pineapple trinket boxes, pineapple statues….

This person is usually someone who has a wicked sense of humour, is quick to joke, tease and laugh. They’re easily excited and enthusiastic about everything, and will often use superlatives to dramatise the ordinary – waiting 5 minutes will “kill” them.

Do you recognise any of yourself in this?

If not and you find yourself going through a phase of liking pineapples, it could be that life has been life has been very dull of late.

You’re (subconsciously) trying to bring more fun into your life with the fun and spiky silhouette of the pineapple.

If you’re new here and you’re thinking, “how the hell are pineapples related to fun?!”

Do not worry.

I study the patterns of Chinese medicine which are based on some incredible observations of nature, 3,000 years of research in fact.

It’s my job as a face reader to extrapolate these patterns of nature to guide anyone to be their best selves.

Because nature patterns aren’t just about the seasons.

If you’d like to find out more, visit my website

See you next time!


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