Things Change because they Change

Hello! I’m writing to you all from Wales, this picture taken on a walk not far from Lampeter.

To the left (hidden by the trees) is an old Roman road going to the fort behind me. I could tell it was Roman because of how straight it is.

It made me think that, in life, we always wish for a straight road. To find the right person before 30 and be with them for life, to work this job and then retire from it.

Usually our desire for a straight life road has a deeper root of believing life is a race, and even deeper still – to want it to be easy, to avoid difficulty, curves, wandering, mistakes and interest.

It’s the rare and privileged person who has the straight road.

Most of us will bump, curve, reverse, maybe even stop to reflect.

And that’s okay.

It’s all okay to wander or to make mistakes, to not be where you want to be. And it’s even okay to take stops to get your bearings.

If you are in this position now, I want to remind you that it isn’t permanent.

Your longing for elsewhere is your fuel.

Things will change because they change

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