New review!

I have a new review!!

“I loved our session! Not only are you very good at Chinese Face Reading and birth date reading, but you have a personality and style which made me comfortable right from the start – even though we had never met before! I found the information you gave me very valuable and useful. I already feel like there is a shift going on.”

Thank you Darshana!

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The Peaceful Heart

The year that you were born can have an impact on your life.

Some people, but not all, who were born in 2000,1991,1982, 1973, 1964, 1955, or 1946, will find that emotional flare ups are a common challenge.


Well, they have this “humming bird” type energy, a buzzing undercurrent of excitement that can easily topple over into anxiety or panic attacks, or extreme boundless joy.

Chinese medicine associates with this behaviour with fire, they literally have the ability to burn through their emotions at a rapid pace – and also take on others.

Ever heard the phrase, “fire makes a good slave but a bad master?”

Replace “fire” in that phrase with “emotions,” and we suddenly have a very accurate description of what the emotional life of anyone born in these years is like.

For these sorts of people their life long challenge is about how to calm their heart, how to have a peaceful heart.

Does this sound like you or anyone you know?

I use the information from your birth date in combination with your face to coach and guide you into a life that feels truly like yourself.


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An Example of a Face Reading

Time for a quick face reading!!

Most signs on this woman’s face tells me that she will be quick with words, she may have a sharp tongue and be precise when speaking. You may find her very funny. However, don’t expect jokes coming out of her mouth at a mile a minute. She’ll be very focussed.

She’ll be quick with a joke but her sense of humor will be sarcastic, so when emotional (unless there’s nothing in the birth date to counteract this) and upset her strategy will be the offensive. She’ll stick to her guns and expect you to keel over.

I can tell this from the sharp to hooked inner canthi (the shape of the skin around her tear duct), in combination with her high cheekbones looking as if they come out from the ear (sarcastic sense of humour). Her jaw tells me about her stubbornness but also that she is highly principled person. She’s very good at defending the little guy.

There some interesting information which conflicts on her face.

The slight cleft in her nose indicates someone who may be emotionally vulnerable, too openhearted, more easily hurt in relationships. If this mark has appeared recently it means she suffered heartbreak.

In contrast to this is her eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Having deep set eyes and with the eye lid almost coming down to the pupil, means quite literally, someone who isn’t emotionally open. Who is uncomfortable with discussing emotions and prefers to keep their cards close to their chest – and is proud of that.

So having this together on a face there are several options:

Though possible she has suffered a heart break recently.

Or more likely emotional vulnerability is her very secret and tiny Achilles heel. It’s not a very distinct line, nor very deep, so the impact it has on her personality is minimal.

So if you were in a relationship with this woman you might find out somewhere along the line this teeny tiny dash of an open heart.

If this woman were a colleague of yours and you showed me this picture for a reading, my advice would be in order to befriend her:

1. Don’t talk about emotions or sentimental things. However it’s fine to tell jokes. In her mind at work you work.
2. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t tell you much about herself. You might be the one doing all the talking!
3. You’ll need to let her “win” in arguments, especially over the small stuff. Pick your battles.

In summary, we have someone who is strong, principled and forthright with a sharp sense of humour.

I hope that has whetted your appetite and given insight into what face readings are and how I do them.

Destiny II

In the last post we spoke about the different ideas of destiny that East and West had.

And today I will further divulge about destiny in work that I do.

Typically when I do a reading I will read someone’s birth date and the patterns in their face, to give customised counseling.

There are three patterns in a birth date.

The first is your main character.

The second is your stressed self, who you are when emotional or when you lose your cool. This pattern is also called the child self.

The third pattern is destiny or in less frightening terms, your life purpose, you work in the world.

This last pattern has two sides:

The first being your challenge that will appear in your life as an interwoven theme.

The second, of course, is your life purpose.

When I first learned about this I had a very simplistic attitude towards it. I thought that once I overcame my impatience (my obstacle) that it was a done deal for me to be “an agent of change” (my destiny, both patterns related to Spring by the way).

But once I became less impatient, I became more rebellious – more often than not saying “no” and being stubborn “just because.”

Then once I realised this, I went back to being impatient but in a different way – I was convinced that life was a race!!!

In learning and growing there’s no such thing as done.

Overcoming this challenge repeatedly I was able to refine myself and become a healthier human bean.

I can’t say if I’ve changed anyone’s life but that’s not the point of this post.

In the previous post we spoke about the ancient Greek idea of destiny (let’s interchange that with life purpose now), which was to make a great name of yourself. Then once that life purpose was finished, you’d made your great name it’s a done deal! Rest on your laurels and enjoy your children (if you were still alive of course).

But there’s no such thing as done deal.

There’s this constant evolution and refinement of the self that will never be finished.

And that’s the distinct difference between Eastern and Western ideas of destiny:

Continual evolution. And life purpose being a generous thing. A thing to pursue which will help others.

But only if you better yourself first



I’ve been toying with the different ideas of destiny for a while,
both the eastern and the western.

As set out by the Ancient Greeks, the Western idea of destiny is inseparable from glory. That to achieve one’s destiny is to be remembered for all time (remember Achilles), eternal fame, renown and respect.

Destiny as a word to the Greeks was interchangeable with death – Homer calls death “deadly destiny.” It was also something which was allotted to you, that couldn’t be changed.

This is the only point that Chinese medicine and the ancient Greeks agreed on.

In Chinese medicine the idea of destiny is portrayed as a contract, the heavenly contract to be precise, that you sign up for certain life lessons before you were born.

To fulfill this contract is to find peace. And interestingly through the birth date reading that I do, speaks of a destiny as an ever evolving construct with a lesson that is to be continually learnt. It’s not a case of grab, go and done.

Of even more interest, there is this idea that to fulfill to destiny serves and aids others. That to be your best and healthiest, will help other people find their calling.

This because Chinese medicine is based on observing nature, a place in which everything is interconnected and interdependent. A place where if an oak grows healthy and strong, it will provide shelter to humans and nests for birds.

What do think about this?

Much love, Cairistiona

Are you a gardener?

Are you an enthusiastic gardener?

If so, were you born in 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, 1952 or 1944?

Some, but not all people born in these years, tend to really love a bit of gardening.

There is part of their personality that loves doing things, completing the daily check list, the daily exercise and feeling the high from finishing what they set out to do.

This high makes them feel strong, capable and maybe a teeny tiny bit victorious.

But they only feel this high when the task is simple and short term – which gardening fits into.

Obviously I don’t mean waiting for the plants to grow, I mean setting the task on Monday to clear the garden in the north west corner of weeds.


Then on Tuesday, planting that corner with foxgloves.


Wednesday, water foxgloves, then save the lavender from weeds, tying the lavender upright to canes.

Done and DONE!

In fact the colour green to anyone born in these years may be incredibly soothing.

The Shape of Your Tear Duct: Sharp

In Chinese face reading everything to do with your eyes is everything to do with your style of communication.

There’s that western saying “the eyes are the window to your soul,” and that’s true in Chinese face reading but only if you exchange “soul” with “heart.”

Having sharp canthi (the skin around your tear duct) can mean that someone will communicate with precision, communicating efficiently ideas and opinions.

The downside to this is that maybe you’ve been described as having a sharp tongue.

This sharpness as well also translates to a sharp sense of humour.

In a previous post I spoke about hooked canthi and the qualities they have. Hooked canthi are an exaggerated version of sharp canthi, and likewise, sharp canthi are a weakened version of hooked canthi.

Thank you so much for reading!

The Shape of Your Tear Duct: Rounded

In Chinese face reading everything to do with your eyes is everything to do with your style of communication.

There’s that western saying “the eyes are the window to your soul,” and that’s true in Chinese face reading but only if you exchange “soul” with “heart.”

Having rounded canthi (the skin around your tear duct) can mean that someone will communicate with kindness.

They won’t be sharp with their words or abrupt, but are more likely to be diplomatic.

“How so?” you cry!

Chinese face reading is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, which in turn is based on thousands of years of observing the patterns in nature.

This particular pattern relates to early autumn, a time when the Earth has been generous with her bounty. Generosity and kindness are inseparable.

The Shape of Your Tear Duct: Hooked

When you speak, are you precise with your words?

When agitated, have you been so precise that you’ve been accused of being harsh? Maybe even vicious?

The canthi (the shape around your tear duct) and the overall eye area in face reading reveals how someone communicates.

If you agreed to the above sentences your canthi could be hooked and pointed like the one shown.

It means that you don’t mince your words, that you are precise (as discussed), and when hurt may intentionally say things to hurt others.

But, everything is a package deal in face reading.

Where there is a down, there is an up.

And the up is that you have a wicked and quick sense of humour, a few words from you can bring anyone rolling on the floor in laughter!

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Chinese face reading is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, which in turn is based on thousands of years of observing the patterns in nature.

This particular nose relates to the pattern of summer and young adulthood – a time where we are out in the world for the first time, enjoying the freedom and fun that youth brings.