The Shape of Your Tear Duct: Hooked

When you speak, are you precise with your words?

When agitated, have you been so precise that you’ve been accused of being harsh? Maybe even vicious?

The canthi (the shape around your tear duct) and the overall eye area in face reading reveals how someone communicates.

If you agreed to the above sentences your canthi could be hooked and pointed like the one shown.

It means that you don’t mince your words, that you are precise (as discussed), and when hurt may intentionally say things to hurt others.

But, everything is a package deal in face reading.

Where there is a down, there is an up.

And the up is that you have a wicked and quick sense of humour, a few words from you can bring anyone rolling on the floor in laughter!

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Chinese face reading is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, which in turn is based on thousands of years of observing the patterns in nature.

This particular nose relates to the pattern of summer and young adulthood – a time where we are out in the world for the first time, enjoying the freedom and fun that youth brings.

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