Are you a gardener?

Are you an enthusiastic gardener?

If so, were you born in 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, 1952 or 1944?

Some, but not all people born in these years, tend to really love a bit of gardening.

There is part of their personality that loves doing things, completing the daily check list, the daily exercise and feeling the high from finishing what they set out to do.

This high makes them feel strong, capable and maybe a teeny tiny bit victorious.

But they only feel this high when the task is simple and short term – which gardening fits into.

Obviously I don’t mean waiting for the plants to grow, I mean setting the task on Monday to clear the garden in the north west corner of weeds.


Then on Tuesday, planting that corner with foxgloves.


Wednesday, water foxgloves, then save the lavender from weeds, tying the lavender upright to canes.

Done and DONE!

In fact the colour green to anyone born in these years may be incredibly soothing.

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