I’ve been toying with the different ideas of destiny for a while,
both the eastern and the western.

As set out by the Ancient Greeks, the Western idea of destiny is inseparable from glory. That to achieve one’s destiny is to be remembered for all time (remember Achilles), eternal fame, renown and respect.

Destiny as a word to the Greeks was interchangeable with death – Homer calls death “deadly destiny.” It was also something which was allotted to you, that couldn’t be changed.

This is the only point that Chinese medicine and the ancient Greeks agreed on.

In Chinese medicine the idea of destiny is portrayed as a contract, the heavenly contract to be precise, that you sign up for certain life lessons before you were born.

To fulfill this contract is to find peace. And interestingly through the birth date reading that I do, speaks of a destiny as an ever evolving construct with a lesson that is to be continually learnt. It’s not a case of grab, go and done.

Of even more interest, there is this idea that to fulfill to destiny serves and aids others. That to be your best and healthiest, will help other people find their calling.

This because Chinese medicine is based on observing nature, a place in which everything is interconnected and interdependent. A place where if an oak grows healthy and strong, it will provide shelter to humans and nests for birds.

What do think about this?

Much love, Cairistiona

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