Destiny II

In the last post we spoke about the different ideas of destiny that East and West had.

And today I will further divulge about destiny in work that I do.

Typically when I do a reading I will read someone’s birth date and the patterns in their face, to give customised counseling.

There are three patterns in a birth date.

The first is your main character.

The second is your stressed self, who you are when emotional or when you lose your cool. This pattern is also called the child self.

The third pattern is destiny or in less frightening terms, your life purpose, you work in the world.

This last pattern has two sides:

The first being your challenge that will appear in your life as an interwoven theme.

The second, of course, is your life purpose.

When I first learned about this I had a very simplistic attitude towards it. I thought that once I overcame my impatience (my obstacle) that it was a done deal for me to be “an agent of change” (my destiny, both patterns related to Spring by the way).

But once I became less impatient, I became more rebellious – more often than not saying “no” and being stubborn “just because.”

Then once I realised this, I went back to being impatient but in a different way – I was convinced that life was a race!!!

In learning and growing there’s no such thing as done.

Overcoming this challenge repeatedly I was able to refine myself and become a healthier human bean.

I can’t say if I’ve changed anyone’s life but that’s not the point of this post.

In the previous post we spoke about the ancient Greek idea of destiny (let’s interchange that with life purpose now), which was to make a great name of yourself. Then once that life purpose was finished, you’d made your great name it’s a done deal! Rest on your laurels and enjoy your children (if you were still alive of course).

But there’s no such thing as done deal.

There’s this constant evolution and refinement of the self that will never be finished.

And that’s the distinct difference between Eastern and Western ideas of destiny:

Continual evolution. And life purpose being a generous thing. A thing to pursue which will help others.

But only if you better yourself first

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