An Example of a Face Reading

Time for a quick face reading!!

Most signs on this woman’s face tells me that she will be quick with words, she may have a sharp tongue and be precise when speaking. You may find her very funny. However, don’t expect jokes coming out of her mouth at a mile a minute. She’ll be very focussed.

She’ll be quick with a joke but her sense of humor will be sarcastic, so when emotional (unless there’s nothing in the birth date to counteract this) and upset her strategy will be the offensive. She’ll stick to her guns and expect you to keel over.

I can tell this from the sharp to hooked inner canthi (the shape of the skin around her tear duct), in combination with her high cheekbones looking as if they come out from the ear (sarcastic sense of humour). Her jaw tells me about her stubbornness but also that she is highly principled person. She’s very good at defending the little guy.

There some interesting information which conflicts on her face.

The slight cleft in her nose indicates someone who may be emotionally vulnerable, too openhearted, more easily hurt in relationships. If this mark has appeared recently it means she suffered heartbreak.

In contrast to this is her eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Having deep set eyes and with the eye lid almost coming down to the pupil, means quite literally, someone who isn’t emotionally open. Who is uncomfortable with discussing emotions and prefers to keep their cards close to their chest – and is proud of that.

So having this together on a face there are several options:

Though possible she has suffered a heart break recently.

Or more likely emotional vulnerability is her very secret and tiny Achilles heel. It’s not a very distinct line, nor very deep, so the impact it has on her personality is minimal.

So if you were in a relationship with this woman you might find out somewhere along the line this teeny tiny dash of an open heart.

If this woman were a colleague of yours and you showed me this picture for a reading, my advice would be in order to befriend her:

1. Don’t talk about emotions or sentimental things. However it’s fine to tell jokes. In her mind at work you work.
2. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t tell you much about herself. You might be the one doing all the talking!
3. You’ll need to let her “win” in arguments, especially over the small stuff. Pick your battles.

In summary, we have someone who is strong, principled and forthright with a sharp sense of humour.

I hope that has whetted your appetite and given insight into what face readings are and how I do them.

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