The Peaceful Heart

The year that you were born can have an impact on your life.

Some people, but not all, who were born in 2000,1991,1982, 1973, 1964, 1955, or 1946, will find that emotional flare ups are a common challenge.


Well, they have this “humming bird” type energy, a buzzing undercurrent of excitement that can easily topple over into anxiety or panic attacks, or extreme boundless joy.

Chinese medicine associates with this behaviour with fire, they literally have the ability to burn through their emotions at a rapid pace – and also take on others.

Ever heard the phrase, “fire makes a good slave but a bad master?”

Replace “fire” in that phrase with “emotions,” and we suddenly have a very accurate description of what the emotional life of anyone born in these years is like.

For these sorts of people their life long challenge is about how to calm their heart, how to have a peaceful heart.

Does this sound like you or anyone you know?

I use the information from your birth date in combination with your face to coach and guide you into a life that feels truly like yourself.


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Much love,


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