I’m in Scotland!!!

Helloooo to you all!

It is my great misfortune to change the posting schedule that I announced last week.

I’ve accepted a 10 week voluntary tenure in a youth hostel on the Isle of Skye so I won’t be able to commit to posting twice a week, so once a week is now my limit.

However in my spare time I will be selling my services as a Chinese face reader.

This means that I will be the alternative therapist to the local population, the highland cows (though hopefully not Grumpy in the picture) and you! Or, if not you, one of your friends visiting the area.

My rates will be greatly reduced to £20 for 15 minutes for this 10 week period, which ends the 15th of October. Perfect for those who want a taster.

Unfortunately this only available for those who can see me in person.

I can’t extend this to my online friends due to the time differences involved, my workload at the hostel, and the brevity of the reading – BUT!

Anyone who sees this post may quote “Skye” at me in an email when booking to get 25% their next reading through Skype.

This offer also ends the 15th of October as well.

So if you or anyone you know is coming to the Talisker/Portnalong area of Skye, let them knooowww 😉

Much love!





The Iceberg

Some people, but not all, who were born in 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, 1954 and 1945 may have what is called a deep mind.
They tend to process things slowly, make life changes gradually and so will often be judged as “taking too long.”
But, they are deeply processing everything before they move and this takes time.
They might be calling on their intuition, their inner knowing, their courage, but sometimes for them “taking too long” can be indicative of a problem.
Anyone born in these years can suffer from fear – now this isn’t ordinary fear, it’s not anxiety or niggling worry, it’s a deep paralyzing force that can sometimes stop them from thinking clearly, blocking the path to their deep knowing.
People like this are icebergs, dark horses, what anyone sees or judges about you is only a tiny and often highly wrong assumption.
In order for them to move forward it’s important for them to develop a “inner mother,” a voice that provides reassurance that it will be okay, providing a dialogue that will make them feel safe.
If you’d like more coaching on developing this “inner mother,” then please take a look at my appointments and fees, or contact me at circularfacereading@gmail.com.
Much love!


Some of the eagle eyed among you may have noticed that I’ve been posting semi regularly, on a Monday and Thursday at 1500 GMT.
As of right now I plan to thoroughly commit to this timetable so that it becomes regular.
If you’d like to access my new stuff it will be published across three different platforms:
– On Instagram, @circularchinesefacereading
The content on Instagram will be available slightly later.
Posts on Mondays will be focused on life advice, my thoughts on things, announcements, thank yous, anything that isn’t a tidbit of face or birth date reading (the subjects of Thursday’s posts incidentally.)
Thanks again for your interest and support.
See you on Thursday!
Much love,

The Glassy Surface of The Lake

Were you born in 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957 or 1948?
Some people, but not all people born in these years, might be very concerned with appearances. Although this is not on a superficial basis.
They’re very sensitive to things being out of joint by a milimetre, not saying the right words to make someone feel comfortable, it’s all borne out of attention to subtleties, nuances, details.
They’re interested in details like an artist would be.
This pattern is related to the smooth surface of the lake.
For you everything in your life needs to be kept smooth.
This can cause havoc however, as sometimes your approach to solving problems is to deny them – to pretend as if everything is just fine, because then it will be. This denial can sometimes last for years.
If you’d like me to coach you through this problem, give you a fuller reading and insight, please check out my website http://www.circularfacereading.com for details on appointments and fees.
Much love,

Thank you!

Last year I was designing the website and and the graphics for it, tentatively handing out flyers in my city (designing those flyers), and starting this Facebook page.

I wanted to share my knowledge on a subject I was very passionate about and hopefully make a side earning hustle.

I’m continually amazed by strangers liking this page, people following my blog, liking posts, when I thought all it would ever be was just reluctant friends and family that I’d have to pester into liking it.

This still remains a small side venture, but if you have taken the time to follow my blog, pause to read a post, follow the page, mention it to a friend or anything else..

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I like you too 😀

Much love and gratitude,



Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken objects with gold lacquer, giving new life to the object that becomes even more refined and valuable because of it’s “scars.”

What if we treated our own scars as golden?

What if our wrinkles were kintsugi?

What if any unwanted and painful experience was kintsugi?

The practice of kintsugi can suggest many things, that in repairing and healing we become even more valuable and resilient.

It suggests that learning to cope with traumatic events in a positive way will lead to greater beauty that is at peace with the past.

It speaks to this tradition as well that the healed crack to repaired with gold.

Not glue or duct tape, gold!

Precious gold!

And gold doesn’t hide the damage done. It displays it for all the world to see.

Kintsugi teaches that broken is not the end.

Broken is the beginning, the the final and long awaited taste of liberty to recreate oneself whole in one’s own image.

What does Kintsugi say to you?