The Glassy Surface of The Lake

Were you born in 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957 or 1948?
Some people, but not all people born in these years, might be very concerned with appearances. Although this is not on a superficial basis.
They’re very sensitive to things being out of joint by a milimetre, not saying the right words to make someone feel comfortable, it’s all borne out of attention to subtleties, nuances, details.
They’re interested in details like an artist would be.
This pattern is related to the smooth surface of the lake.
For you everything in your life needs to be kept smooth.
This can cause havoc however, as sometimes your approach to solving problems is to deny them – to pretend as if everything is just fine, because then it will be. This denial can sometimes last for years.
If you’d like me to coach you through this problem, give you a fuller reading and insight, please check out my website for details on appointments and fees.
Much love,

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