The Iceberg

Some people, but not all, who were born in 1990, 1981, 1972, 1963, 1954 and 1945 may have what is called a deep mind.
They tend to process things slowly, make life changes gradually and so will often be judged as “taking too long.”
But, they are deeply processing everything before they move and this takes time.
They might be calling on their intuition, their inner knowing, their courage, but sometimes for them “taking too long” can be indicative of a problem.
Anyone born in these years can suffer from fear – now this isn’t ordinary fear, it’s not anxiety or niggling worry, it’s a deep paralyzing force that can sometimes stop them from thinking clearly, blocking the path to their deep knowing.
People like this are icebergs, dark horses, what anyone sees or judges about you is only a tiny and often highly wrong assumption.
In order for them to move forward it’s important for them to develop a “inner mother,” a voice that provides reassurance that it will be okay, providing a dialogue that will make them feel safe.
If you’d like more coaching on developing this “inner mother,” then please take a look at my appointments and fees, or contact me at
Much love!

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