I’m in Scotland!!!

Helloooo to you all!

It is my great misfortune to change the posting schedule that I announced last week.

I’ve accepted a 10 week voluntary tenure in a youth hostel on the Isle of Skye so I won’t be able to commit to posting twice a week, so once a week is now my limit.

However in my spare time I will be selling my services as a Chinese face reader.

This means that I will be the alternative therapist to the local population, the highland cows (though hopefully not Grumpy in the picture) and you! Or, if not you, one of your friends visiting the area.

My rates will be greatly reduced to £20 for 15 minutes for this 10 week period, which ends the 15th of October. Perfect for those who want a taster.

Unfortunately this only available for those who can see me in person.

I can’t extend this to my online friends due to the time differences involved, my workload at the hostel, and the brevity of the reading – BUT!

Anyone who sees this post may quote “Skye” at me in an email when booking to get 25% their next reading through Skype.

This offer also ends the 15th of October as well.

So if you or anyone you know is coming to the Talisker/Portnalong area of Skye, let them knooowww 😉

Much love!





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