Do you have problems with relaxing?

Some people, but not all, who were born in 1997, 1988, 1979, 1970, 1961, 1952 or 1943 are called the “Warrior.”

They have such a drive and vitality to be be alive and do all the things, think of a plan and make it real. Working is your friend, and as such we’ll never find you lying on the sofa watching Netflix for hours. Why do that when you can be OUTSIDE?

But the drive to work and acheive can come at the expense of sleep and rest, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” could be your motto. This is because of this inner tension you carry, which is only partially relieved when you complete tasks.

The key to resolving this problem is your innate sense of discipline, constructing a timetable sticking to it – with an allotted time of half an hour in the day for rest, me time.

Now what I’m about to say could sound very foreign to you, but resting or me time isn’t the time for a work out, nor the time you quickly stroll in the woods (though exercise does great things to relieve the inner tension).

It’s the time to do nothing.

This could mean having a massage, a power nap of twenty minutes, or to meditate.

I’d to end this now with this thought: You’re someone who believes in systems.

After day is night. Day is for activity, working, and night is for rest, recovering from the day.

Do you not work more efficiently after rest? Would there be a Spring without the rest of Winter?

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Life is very busy for everyone, so much so that we’re either in the future – what should we eat for dinner? – or the past – I was terrible in that meeting!!!
No, I’m not going to lecture you in mindfulness, the benefits of meditation or what have you.
In fact I’d like to ask you a question:
If these words find you in the morning, is there anything you can appreciate about the day ahead?
If these words find you in the middle of the day or evening, was there anything that could have been appreciated about the day but you didn’t?
If nothing comes to mind, that’s okay.
If something has come to mind feel that appreciation, keep it tight, notice it, then…release it. Say “thank you.”
Doesn’t it feel good to go slow?!!! 😀
Much love,

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Some people born in 1998, 1989, 1980, 1971, 1962, 1953 or 1944 have what is called the “Mother” personality.
They are sweet and generous of spirit, kind and thoughtful – your first thought always being about your family and how you can help someone else.
This makes you very responsible and also makes you someone who is prone to make decisions out guilt and obligation.
Over time if you have been “feeding” others and not yourself, this sweet nature can be forgotten entirely, in exchange for being someone who is perpetually in a victim mindset – “After all I give you, this is what you give me?!?” Then nothing anyone does is right.
Thankfully things have to be awful in order for you to be this way.
But what to do? What is the solution?
I once heard a phrase the other week that “good fences make good neighbours.”
A farmer sets out this land, marks boundaries, to keep her sheep with her sheep, her cattle with her cattle, and more importantly so other farmers and neighbours can know what’s theirs and what’s his.
In no way is it aggressive or selfish for a farmer to set up fences.
In fact greatly helps those around her.
If she doesn’t, her animals wander, her means of living disappear, and neighbours are more likely to claim her land as theirs.
So what ways can you set a boundary, a fence?
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I think about internal growth and change a lot.
I think about if it’s possible for lasting change to happen, and if so how?
What’s needed?
i find the most common block to growth is not admitting the problem, whatever it is.
So the block could be pride, it could be guilt, it could be denial. Perhaps it could be a revulsion and reluctance of feeling pain.
When I feel this resistance I often want others to change, but not me because I’m perfect, I’m fine, it’s not me, it’s you! And “you” could be anything from my job, a person, a situation.
It’s a refusal to my acknowledge my fifty per cent, my agency, in order to claim victim hood. And this refusal is always accompanied by a lot of outrage and anger.
There’s no humility here.
Humility is the acknowledgement that I am not perfect and that it’s okay to be so. If I am soft and supple in humility, I am open. If I am soft and supply in humility, then I am not harsh on myself or others. I am loving. I bloom.
Though some plants can grow in the hard mountain rock, you’ll find a lot more on the soft and fertile earth of the valley floor.
Humility allows me to be vulnerable.
Vulnerable’s great grandmother is the Latin “vulneras” meaning “wound.”
Humility allows me to accept my flaws, my faults, my wounds and scars without adding salt to them.
How can you be more humble?