I think about internal growth and change a lot.
I think about if it’s possible for lasting change to happen, and if so how?
What’s needed?
i find the most common block to growth is not admitting the problem, whatever it is.
So the block could be pride, it could be guilt, it could be denial. Perhaps it could be a revulsion and reluctance of feeling pain.
When I feel this resistance I often want others to change, but not me because I’m perfect, I’m fine, it’s not me, it’s you! And “you” could be anything from my job, a person, a situation.
It’s a refusal to my acknowledge my fifty per cent, my agency, in order to claim victim hood. And this refusal is always accompanied by a lot of outrage and anger.
There’s no humility here.
Humility is the acknowledgement that I am not perfect and that it’s okay to be so. If I am soft and supple in humility, I am open. If I am soft and supply in humility, then I am not harsh on myself or others. I am loving. I bloom.
Though some plants can grow in the hard mountain rock, you’ll find a lot more on the soft and fertile earth of the valley floor.
Humility allows me to be vulnerable.
Vulnerable’s great grandmother is the Latin “vulneras” meaning “wound.”
Humility allows me to accept my flaws, my faults, my wounds and scars without adding salt to them.
How can you be more humble?

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