Philosopher’s forehead

Do you consider yourself a thinker?
Are you interested in philosophy? Or the deeper mysteries of life?
If you notice the curved lines in the upper corners of this gentleman’s head, they the signs of an expansive mind.
Not only is a serious thinker, he’s open minded overall, not limited to rules or linear thinking.
So instead of deliberating over tiny steps this man can make leaps, teaming the logical and the intuitive to arrive at a solution.
If you don’t have these curves in your hairline and you consider yourself a thinker, there’s another (obvious) element that could contribute to this nature:
Having a broad and/or tall forehead.
A prominent forehead is a sign of someone who likes to ponder ideas, who may explore philosophical theories for fun.
Does this sound like you or anyone you know?
Much love!
(P. S. The archive of all my weekly writings are on my website:

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