For some of those born in 1996, 1987, 1978, 1969, 1960,1951 or 1942 they have what is called the bamboo personality.
Like the bamboo they are very flexible and adaptable, having a talent to deal with change, travel and especially different personalities.
But because of this natural flexibility it means they are prey to influence which greatly affects their decision making .
They’ll hear what their friends have to say and be more indecisive because of the numerous opinions, or they’ll make up their mind, see a friends raised eyebrow and then back off from that choice.
The solution?
Make the decision anyway.
Bamboos are flexible, as I said, to change. So they can be quick on their feet – easily think  a contingency plan should anything go wrong, and if that plan fails they can think of Plan C, Plan D, maybe even all the way down to Plan AZ.
There are various other solutions as well, so if you’d like more coaching, then please take a look at my appointments and fees or contact me at
Much love!

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