Perfection/Letting go

I find it very interesting that “perfection” and “letting go” are placed in the same category in Chinese medicine.
If we are call the process of growth, the process of perfection, then the Western world we believe that process is additive.
So if we want to grow we must do more things, sign up to that fitness class to lose weight, learn a language…whatever it is, growth to our minds means doing more.
But do we actually grow from doing more?
And I mean personally and inalterably change for the better?
Perhaps perfection could lie in letting go of our criticism, like how the trees release their autumn leaves, our rush to go go go.
Maybe if we were more relaxed and trusting, not thinking from a place of should, could, would, or must, the changes could be more profound than we could realise.
That’s it for today.
Much love!

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