Autumnal Advice

Chinese Medicine states that there is a right time to do the right thing, that each season supports different actions.

This can easily be understood with agriculture – for example, Winter doesn’t support harvest and neither does it support planting new crops. If you did that nothing would work!

So this can be extrapolated to different actions, say you started a new business in Winter, or you were too serious and too much of a workaholic in Summer – doesn’t feel right, does it?

And this comes into my advice and words for Autumn.

In CM Autumn is a time to get serious.

It’s a time to review what’s happened in the year, what worked, what didn’t, let go of it (like the leaves) and then turn to the future by envisioning what you want next year.

Because of how subtle energy is and how interconnected we all are, you may be doing this already.

One of the problems that autumn can bring is that we can regret what happened to us year, to be stuck on what could, should or would have happened, the wasted time or missed opportunities.

If this is you, can you respect and honour your choices?

Can you recognise what you gained this year and respect that?

Can you see what you learnt this year and how it has enriched you?

And it is here I shall leave you.




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