The Meaning of Prominent Chins

{PROMINENT CHINS} /// One thing that chins relate to in chinese face reading is confidence. So this lady peering out of the curtain, we can expect her to be naturally confident and, stubborn! You cannot push her over.

That’s the upside. Now the downside.

Sometimes this stubbornness comes across as an inability to listen (because stubborn and receptive don’t go together). They may be stubborn and dig their heels in for the sake of it.

A full and prominent chin can mean extra willpower, or reserves to push through in any situation. But (let me give you some advice) if this pushing through has gone on for such a long time, what are you losing? What is the cost?

We all have natural reserves of qi (energy), larger chins indicate more than most, to be used in times of short and brief stress. But an overuse of this qi for an extended period can “dry up” these reserves and cause a “deficit” – a feeling of long term exhaustion that can’t be resolved with multiple nights sleeps. Some wrinkles (saving for later posts) around the chin can actually indicate this.

One cure that Chinese medicine suggests is contentment. If you were content or noticed pleasing things about your life to be grateful for, to feel blessed by, would there be a need to push through in not so stressful times? And of course, the first step in any healing is to first acknowledge there is this problem and to be aware of the situation (or mindset) that led you there.

Is this you or does this sound like anyone you know?

P.S. Because CFR is holistic, everything is interconnected blah blah blah, did you know that each part of the face relates to a decade? The chin is the sixties.

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