New!: Forecast Readings

Chinese Medicine, as I will never tire of saying, is based on observing nature and how it interconnects and changes – basically the study of how energy grows and transforms over time.

We all agree that midnight feels very different to midday, afternoon to morning, and it’s more appropriate to start work in the morning than afternoon as it is to harvest in Autumn not Spring.

If this is true for our daily lives, then it’s true for the year we go through, that some years are more appropriate for travel, to start a business, apply for new jobs, or to review and reflect. To not do the appropriate work in the appropriate “season” can cause more hassle than necessary and not make good use of the time you have.

In these forecast readings I hope to, like a farmer’s almanac, use Chinese Medicine in order to tell you how to ride this “season” of your life rather than go against it, and inform you how your own biases and personal filters will affect this year by lightly reading your face and birth date.

These readings will be available January to February, each lasting 45 minutes and at a price of £70.

If you’re interested (or have any queries) drop me a line at with a date or time in January. I’m on GMT Time 😉 Not sure? Website with my reviews are here:

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