Historical Reading: Louis XIV

Now this was an interesting one that completely threw me.

For those who don’t know, Louis in his lifetime presented a hyper-masculine image. So when I thought to read his birth date I was expecting very yang patterns, very dominant, annndddd…None of that was there!

Louis XIV is, according to his birth date, is the archetype of the mother.

Someone who is incredibly generous, selfless, always thinking of others, someone who is naturally soft and compassionate. And his face is cohesive with this message – the lines from the outer corners of his mouth that draw down is a sign of someone who has given a lot to people but has not received very well, or has been dissatisfied as to how people have receive their generosity. These lines signify an imbalance between giving and receiving.

So how does this fit in to the image he portrayed?

When I usually find this very feminine pattern in a man, sometimes I find them to be quite boastful, sometimes very drawn to violence. Men are not socialised to be the care givers of the world, they are socialised to be confident, forthright and sometimes aggressive.

So when we have a man who is this naturally soft and maternal, he will overcompensate with the traditional masculine qualities. Perhaps to fit in, perhaps because he is ill at ease with himself.

As a last note, Chinese medicine relates the pattern of the mother to the Earth and home: Louis XIV’s greatest legacy was a house – Versailles.

Past Hurts/Shipwrecks

There’s a personality type in Chinese face reading that is represented by Water.

This personality has a scarily accurate memory, so can often can quote people verbatim especially when they’ve been hurt. The grudges they hold aren’t about anger and hate but are instead about the memory of the pain caused, always fresh and remembered.

How is this relevant to shipwrecks then?

A shipwreck doesn’t properly disintegrate underwater, it just hangs around and aside from the damage of what sunk the ship it’s almost perfectly preserved. Especially if it’s like a boat from the 17th century, it’s a relic, a time capsule and it’s out of time and timeless

Because a ship is such a huge presence, it’s easily “remembered” and not “forgotten” by the water.

Past hurts to this personality are like shipwrecks, they can’t forgive you or move on because their memory keeps it perfectly preserved.



Thoughts on Kim Kardashian as Lawyer

Coming late to this news but nevertheless here are my chinese face readery, birthdatery thoughts on this matter:

Well, of course she would!!

Let me explain.

When I look at the patterns in Kim’s birthdate it is so obvious and perfect that Kim Kardashian would be attracted to law.

Her birthdate patterns relate to the archetype of the warrior, someone who is designed to see what is wrong in the world and fix it, change it, stand up for the little person and fight for them. They are often excellent at logical thought – Chinese medicine relates the warrior to the energy of spring, where everything is moving up, a straight line –  they can a particular love of rules and systems. Making everything organised can be source of great joy for them.

Warriors are often excellent at debate and argument because of this “what’s wrong and fix it” mentality. So when you speak to a warrior, in their heads they are secretly thinking and searching for all the holes in your reasoning. This can create a very cynical person and an excellent lawyer.

And now for a face reading point: full upper cheeks are called power cheeks in Chinese face reading. This a sign of someone who can hold an authoritative position and someone who can speak up very easily on what needs to be done. When Kardashian is behind the bar, I don’t expect her to be a wall flower.

One criticism levelled at Kardashian is why doesn’t she use her power and influence to finance a law team or a charity?

That’s not the nature of the warrior, getting others to do their work. They have a need in their lives to feel powerful and strong, and that comes through doing the job themselves.

Each decade according to Chinese face reading has a different theme, has different work that needs to be done.

Once we start approaching 40 we will all feel a call to be authentic with ourselves, often we will break away from what is no longer “us” into a completely different and meaningful direction. I’ve heard so many stories of gay men in their late thirties coming out to their wives!!

Kardashian is approaching her 40s, she’ll turn 39 this year.

And this is what is happening with Kim Kardashian, she’s being true to her warrior nature, maybe perhaps becoming finally comfortable with it.