Historical Reading: Louis XIV

Now this was an interesting one that completely threw me.

For those who don’t know, Louis in his lifetime presented a hyper-masculine image. So when I thought to read his birth date I was expecting very yang patterns, very dominant, annndddd…None of that was there!

Louis XIV is, according to his birth date, is the archetype of the mother.

Someone who is incredibly generous, selfless, always thinking of others, someone who is naturally soft and compassionate. And his face is cohesive with this message – the lines from the outer corners of his mouth that draw down is a sign of someone who has given a lot to people but has not received very well, or has been dissatisfied as to how people have receive their generosity. These lines signify an imbalance between giving and receiving.

So how does this fit in to the image he portrayed?

When I usually find this very feminine pattern in a man, sometimes I find them to be quite boastful, sometimes very drawn to violence. Men are not socialised to be the care givers of the world, they are socialised to be confident, forthright and sometimes aggressive.

So when we have a man who is this naturally soft and maternal, he will overcompensate with the traditional masculine qualities. Perhaps to fit in, perhaps because he is ill at ease with himself.

As a last note, Chinese medicine relates the pattern of the mother to the Earth and home: Louis XIV’s greatest legacy was a house – Versailles.

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