Past Hurts/Shipwrecks

There’s a personality type in Chinese face reading that is represented by Water.

This personality has a scarily accurate memory, so can often can quote people verbatim especially when they’ve been hurt. The grudges they hold aren’t about anger and hate but are instead about the memory of the pain caused, always fresh and remembered.

How is this relevant to shipwrecks then?

A shipwreck doesn’t properly disintegrate underwater, it just hangs around and aside from the damage of what sunk the ship it’s almost perfectly preserved. Especially if it’s like a boat from the 17th century, it’s a relic, a time capsule and it’s out of time and timeless

Because a ship is such a huge presence, it’s easily “remembered” and not “forgotten” by the water.

Past hurts to this personality are like shipwrecks, they can’t forgive you or move on because their memory keeps it perfectly preserved.



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