Why More Than One Face Reading?

A face reading is not exactly me telling you what each and every piece of your face means. Unless (a) you’ve specifically requested it, or (b) I happen to bring up a relevant feature to your problem and tell you what it means.

This is going to be difficult without getting into the confusing specifics, so I’m going to do my best.

When I read a face and birth date I’m looking for how you’ve been designed and then, in a reading, I will give you information to coach you to “flow” or “work” with this design so you create more ease in your life.

I say design because, nothing in nature is left to random and we are a part of nature. Chinese face reading is based on observations in nature.

Our design would tell us where we need to be to thrive, what would best fit us (Camels have not developed for arctic life) – which is where I come in.

Because Chinese face reading works with design, it’s really quite endless.

For example, the Camel. You’re the camel, you’ve come to me for a reading but you don’t know you’ve been designed for a desert life.

So your first reading is “how come all this cold weather doesn’t suit me? Why am I so lonely? I try and I try to make this work and it doesn’t!”

And I say, “that’s the first sign you’re going against something not meant for who you are. I think you come up against a lot of areas in your life that feel hard or difficult or plain exhausting and you believe the answer is to stick through it. I don’t think that’s ever led to anything good.  Have a holiday in a desert and maybe try being in a herd? I don’t know if you know, but your face is telling me you need a tribe and lots of other camels like to hang out in deserts. I’m sure you’ll find lots of other like minded people there.”

Several months down the line you meet another nice camel in the desert. It’s fun at first but slowly he talks more and more about himself, his emotions, his hobbies, and you not being interested in his hobbies – it means a break up!

So your second reading is “Why is he like this? I thought we were compatible but we’re not!”

And I say, “okay Camel, it’s perfect in some ways because you listen and listen to him because you’re so considerate. What is going on with him is that he has such a fun personality, we call this the fire type, and he’s so in touch and vocal with his feeling but like fire, he’s the spotlight, he likes being in the spotlight. Which is great and good and fine but it means he can be self absorbed at times. This issue with his hobbies relates to the heart (the heart is the organ associated with fire), so when you reject (that’s how he sees it) his hobbies, you reject his heart. But, there’s a pattern in your face which means you tough it out longer than necessary – like that situation in the arctic – so I suspect that this has been going on a long time and you’ve only just reached out. How difficult is it for you to receive help?…”

Sometimes there is such a glut of information to be given, or that an issue is so large and complex that only multiple sessions of coaching will do. Or you might come back, like Camel, for a different issue for different coaching on the same pattern (the issue of taking the long way round or putting up with more than what is necessary).

For some people one reading is enough, they want confirmation or they are just plain curious. For others…..they are a Camel!

If you have any questions or anything above needs clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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