What Does A Strong Jawline Mean?

Chinese Face Reading calls jawlines such as Mr Malek’s, “the strong roots of the tree.”

A tree who has strong roots, such as a large oak, will not been easily blown over or swayed. So when someone has this jawline it means they have a strong system of beliefs or ethics that isn’t available to be swayed by public opinion. They’re stubborn.

Because of this strong system, some people will feel subconsciously protected by this person – as if they can speak up on their behalf.

Every feature in Chinese face reading has an upside and a downside.

The downside to this jawline can mean that someone is too fixed in their beliefs.

If you present or contradict their views, even if your argument is logically the better, they will not listen. Sometimes with this person it’s either their way or the high way!

Lastly, one more important thing about a strong jawline – you have about three seconds to make a good impression!

It’s not that this person is judgemental, it’s just that once they have an idea of who you are in their minds, it’s incredibly difficult for them to change like it’s difficult to change how the roots of a tree grow.

Do you know someone who’s had plastic surgery on their jaw?

If it was to strengthen their jaw, did you notice them becoming more decided in their opinions?

Or, if it was to weaken it, did you notice them becoming more flexible and open minded?

Or, has the above described you or a friend?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Much love,



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