Face as Design: What This Woman Needs In A Living Space

Another way to see someone’s character is to view it as a design. Once we begin to see character as design we unlock who that person is, and most importantly, what that person needs to thrive.

Of course this can be achieved through massive amounts of introspection, orrrr a Chinese face reading! The latter is much easier as it’s quite obvious (to a Chinese face reader at least).

So in this post I thought we’d explore this lady’s design and how this transfers to what she requires from an apartment or home.

Her high cheekbones, full upper cheeks, prominent nose, very pale and luminous skin tell me that she is very sensitive to her physical environment.

She is someone who feels sick when a friend in a bad mood walks next to her, she’s someone who avoids shopping malls, busy streets and crowded small places as the invisible stress picked up from the people is very unbearable.

Because this physical sensitivity can make her feel out of control, her home is her sanctuary. It’s one of the few places where she can exert control for it to meet her exacting standards.

So I’d expect her to either live alone because it gives her freedom to be as fussy as she needs, or to live with someone who is quiet, considerate and respectful as to who she is.

She’s also someone who feels twitchy if a painting is slightly out of place so, I expect her apartment to be immaculate, minimalistic even, with lots of storage. Her version if tidying is to just shove everything in storage as the sight of visual clutter is too much for her.

This type of person, because they are so sensitive, they can easily scan and spot the quality of items. So no polyester for this lady, only silk, cashmere and 100% cotton. Her place would be filled with high quality and meaningful furnishings – a mahogany table that once belonged to her grandfather.

If this sensitivity is too much for her, we can expect to see her home environment to be almost too controlled. Monastic.

This personality type sometimes has a favouring for the colour white because of how clean, bright and simple it is.

Simplicity is what she wants and needs.

That’s it for today. I could go on but I might make a series about this woman as to what she needs in relationships and in a job. Keep and eye out!



(Suggested living space)

What Do Full Lips Mean?

Each feature on a persons face shows their experience.

What the mouth represents in Chinese Medicine is how well we understand and how well we do in relationships, so it shows us someone’s experience of interpersonal relationships.

A person with a full mouth understand the language of relationships very well, almost innately. So they know how to take care of their friendships and relationships.

Unless there are other features in the face that diminish this affect,  having this mouth makes them makes them very generous and kind. An upper and lower lip equal in size indicates a sensual and emotionally expressive person.

And lastly, the size of the mouth is to do with the relationship we have with our mother.

A person with a full mouth, her mother was likely to be the one important and most significant relationship she had in life.

Angelina Jolie, from what I’ve read, seems to have had this relationship with her own mother. Here’s a short video clip if you’d like to watch it: