What Do Full Lips Mean?

Each feature on a persons face shows their experience.

What the mouth represents in Chinese Medicine is how well we understand and how well we do in relationships, so it shows us someone’s experience of interpersonal relationships.

A person with a full mouth understand the language of relationships very well, almost innately. So they know how to take care of their friendships and relationships.

Unless there are other features in the face that diminish this affect,  having this mouth makes them makes them very generous and kind. An upper and lower lip equal in size indicates a sensual and emotionally expressive person.

And lastly, the size of the mouth is to do with the relationship we have with our mother.

A person with a full mouth, her mother was likely to be the one important and most significant relationship she had in life.

Angelina Jolie, from what I’ve read, seems to have had this relationship with her own mother. Here’s a short video clip if you’d like to watch it:

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