Face As Design: What This Woman Needs In A Date

Another way to see someone’s character is to view it as a design. Once we begin to see character as design we unlock who that person is, and most importantly, what that person needs to thrive.

Of course this can be achieved through massive amounts of introspection, or a Chinese face reading! Once you know how, the latter is much easier as it’s quite obvious.

In the last post we discussed what she needs from a home, how her extreme physical sensitivity will inspire her to create a controlled and visually clean environment.

How do I know this?

Her high cheekbones, full upper cheeks, prominent nose, very pale and luminous skin tell me that she is very sensitive to her physical environment.

She is someone who feels sick when a friend in a bad mood walks next to her, she’s someone who avoids shopping malls, busy streets and crowded small places as the invisible stress picked up from the people is very unbearable.

Previously I said we’d explore what she needs from a love relationship, but I’ve realised this is too complex and we don’t have her birth date patterns (the other 50% of who she is).

So instead I thought we’d explore this lady’s design and how this transfers to what she would like if you were to take her out on a date.

And so here is my first date idea:


Yes, a cathedral.


It’s a quiet place.

This is someone who (most likely) avoids shopping malls because “feeling” all the people there makes them nauseous.  It’s a sensitivity, when unchecked, can make her live her life in small ways.

So when you take her out on a date, or anyone with these features for that matter, it’s best to choose places that are quiet, almost empty with people as she will be relaxed and open, not subconsciously on guard.

Other similar places to visit would be museums or art galleries.

When you go out, choose a time of day and a time of week that is off peak and an activity which is pedestrian – definitely no paint balling! High quality restaurants and bars are definitely appreciated. No night clubs, no loud music, no loud anything – too much overload as it is, it’s painful to have more. The best time might be lunch on a weekday, she’ll gravitate to the quietest part of the restaurant, and better if you have nothing to go to after lunch.

In terms of your behaviour towards her, I need to phrase it like so:

How would you treat royalty? Where would you bring royalty?

The archetype that Chinese Face Readers associate with this face are the King or Queen as her sensitivities make her highly detailed orientated, and therefore a love, a basic human need,  of high quality.  This often translates as expensive, and it’s true, she likes expensive things, but it’s possible to jump over this problem by showing her places that are very meaningful to you or her. She’ll appreciate the gesture as it’s thoughtful.

Now back to royalty – so in treating her, no hugs, no touching until she makes a move (that shows she’s comfortable with your “energy”) as she will feel it as an electric shock. Always be respectful, perhaps more than usual as she will prize manners very highly.

Don’t expect sex on the third date!! No, never! Unless lightning has struck and she’s very comfortable with her sensitivities and she likes how you feel to her, then yes, there’s a chance, but usually there’s a wait.

And that’s it for now. Looks out for the next one!

(P.S. This post was probably showing my general Englishness, as cathedrals are quite common over here and visiting them can be an excuse for a day out.)

(P.P.S If any of this felt exhausting for you then you definitely know, just by reading this woman’s face, that she isn’t the right one. Pretty nifty, eh?)

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