The Crippled Warrior/Abuse of the Elder

The archetype of the warrior has a much darker side.

A person can have the personality of the warrior based on the patterns in their birth date and in their face.

Like Spring is nature forming itself and giving new structure, new energy, after Winter, a healthy in balance Warrior will be energetic, will have a love of structure (maybe even the colour green). This love of structure extends to a love of plans, a love of checklists, a love of doing something and getting it done. The satisfaction of the doing.

So what’s the darker side then?

Warrior energy or the warrior person can appear to be quite boisterous, rambunctious and loud. Sometimes they may even have a tendency to be a rebel or a rule-breaker, especially when they don’t agree with the logic behind your rules.

This boisterous well-meaning child can often have an experience with an adult, an elder, a teacher, anyone in a position of authority who will abuse that authority in order to curb the full expression of that loud energetic child.

In some experiences, the elder will tell the child that up is down, that black is white and if they think otherwise it’s wrong.

And this where we get to the crippled warrior.

When this happens over time in the warrior’s life, they won’t know who they are and what they want because they’ve told for so long what they want and who they are by the elder(s). A warrior, who overtime, becomes divorced from their sense of self.

This results in a crippling of the spirit. The crippled warrior will feel lost, will be susceptible to the mental illness of depression. They will plan on everything and do nothing. Make checklists that go unticked. Be good at talking the talk but not walking the walk – perhaps behind every hypocrite lies a crippled warrior?

They will feel inherently exhausted, wounded and weak despite being physically whole and healthy.

If you imagine a flesh and blood cripple, someone who has lost a hand or even a leg. In their new life, they have to get used to not reaching for things, to not being able to stand. Perhaps in their recovery, life will be more exhausting as they can’t reach.

This is what surmises the life of the crippled warrior, that feeling of not being able to reach.

For some crippled warriors, they will counteract this “loss of limb” with an equal amount of discipline to get the job done – which will be twice as exhausting than it is for healthier warriors and when it doesn’t work out, this will result in just as much anger at the self.

But it’s not their fault.

It’s years and years worth of a wounding done to the spirit.

Their challenge in life then is the very simple yet complex question of knowing who they are and what they want, and then enacting that and being it fully.

A warrior who sees well can speak well and act well. Chinese Medicine calls these people the agents of change, the people who will SEE what’s wrong in the world, SPEAK up and fix it.

This is what Chinese face reading can help with – bringing awareness to your design, so you know that it’s not your fault and finally, bringing healing not just through knowledge but also in the personalised holistic solutions that I can come up with in session ♥️

You’re far too complex for a simple one-sided solution 🥰

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