Face As Design: What This Woman Needs In A Job

Another way to see someone’s character is to view it as a design. Once we begin to see character as design we unlock who that person is, and most importantly, what that person needs to thrive.

Of course this can be achieved through massive amounts of introspection, or a Chinese face reading! Once you know how, the latter is much easier as it’s quite obvious.

In the last post we discussed what she needs from a date, how her extreme physical sensitivity will require someone to arrange dates in quieter and/or fancier places, and how she won’t like to be touched.

How do I know this?

Her high cheekbones, full upper cheeks, prominent nose, very pale and luminous skin tell me that she is very sensitive to her physical environment.

She is someone who feels sick when a friend in a bad mood walks next to her, she’s someone who avoids shopping malls, busy streets and crowded small places as the invisible stress picked up from people is very unbearable.

Until I can think of other areas of life we can explore with this lady, this is the last post in the series.

So, excelsior!  How does this woman’s design transfer to what she would need from a job.

Anyone who has this sensitivity will counter and balance it with control (we spoke about this in the first post), so ideally if she’s in a job that can allow her to control – whether that’s as the head of department or working self-employed, she needs to have a job where she can control her own schedule or “control”/order others around.

This sensitivity allows her to see the big picture and small, so she may be quite the visionary which may eventually mean that she will float and flow effortlessly into a position of authority.

When we live according to our design and who we are, we “flow” toward things that are right for us. The Chinese call this Wu Wei.

Expanding on this theme of control, or rather the opposite, she hates surprises. She hate to be living as a freelancer or hand to mouth, she’d like to have a set pay check at the end of each month.

Day to day, she wouldn’t mind doing the same tasks again and again. Predictable work is best for her that plays up to her love of details – a career in finance would not be amiss.

I would not recommend a casual workplace for her, that has beanbags for desk chairs and is open plan – it’s not “proper” and an open plan office would be too visually distressing for her. When I say “proper,” this person is the archetype of the “queen” and has a high regard for rules.

Okay, I could tell you so much more (and more and more), but I’ll have to stop here.

If you want to ask me any questions about this series, please message me, or if it’s inspired you to book a face reading, please message me 🙂 First time clients still get 50% off.

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