At His Own Pace

It’s no secret that fans of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire have been complaining for along time about when the series will be finished.

The last book to be released in the series was in 2011, eight years ago, and before that the previous installment was released in 2005.

I don’t want to put more pressure on Martin and speculate, using Chinese face and birth date reading, why he’s taking his time – I can’t know that unless he sits and has a reading with me – but I can affirm that this speed is true to his design.

And that’s what we’re looking for in a face reading, health of spirit. It is based on Chinese medicine after all!

Anyway, George R. R. Martin.

The pattern in nature that Chinese medicine associates with his face is winter – a broad AND high forehead, a jaw that runs into the neck, large earlobes, plumpness and softness to the face and body (no sharp features) and wavy hair (seen on pictures when he was younger).

Is winter a fast time? Is winter a warm time? No! It’s a time for hibernation, a time when the cold makes us move slowly. For me, I don’t know if it’s true for you, Winter has a feel about it that makes it almost out of time.

In a person, if you’re ever confronted with a Winter person, please never expect them to be on time. Even if they promise that they will and they are sure, don’t.


The world in which they live in their heads is out of time. The way they prefer to move through the world is with a flow, an almost intuitive flow – feeling what they want to do next. Unrushed. Unhurried. They probably hate clocks and have none or maybe one in their house – the simple ticking of that clock can place enough pressure to take them out of their “flow.”

They experience hours and time very differently, maybe even not knowing ten minutes or what an hour feels like because, like winter, their minds are out of time.

In Chinese medicine this pattern is also connected to water, these people are underwater, and like winter, water is slow. Unlike winter, water winds and curves and is non-linear.

These are all aspects of George R. R. Martin’s character.

This non-linear quality to a person can make then unorthodox to their approach, and therefore encourage mistrust – “they don’t turn up on time, they don’t do when they’d said they do it, are they actually working?”

Like a river to the sea, they will get there, they will reach their destination, we just need to trust them and their own sense of time.

I have no worries about how Martin is approaching this and the time he’s taking.

(Yay! Chinese Face reading! Compassion everywhere!)

See you next week.


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