A Long One: Year in Review!

We’re heading into one of my favourite times of year, autumn.

I love it because of it’s beauty, because of impermanent that beauty is, and how finally I can dress more comfortably and winter will be coming soon.

Can you tell how much I love wearing coats and hats and scarves?

Anyway,  Chinese medicine is about being in harmony with nature which means going with the flow and creating greater ease.

For autumn CM states that it’s a perfect time to look back as well as forwards, to see how well you’ve done and to anticipate (or envision) what you want to do in the forthcoming year.

Traditionally in western culture we do this as the calendar year dictates, so in January, but this not aligned with nature – winter is hibernation, sleepy sleepy time – so this is why it’s much much hard to keep a new years resolution. It’s against nature’s current.

So with the oncoming shedding of nature I’ve been looking at how this year has gone for me and where I want to go next.

It’s gone very well actually! Better than expected!

For the first time I’ve managed to pay rent from running this business – not once, not twice, but three times! Three times I’ve managed to pay rent from my income.

Traffic to this website has been the busiest ever, the busiest month was May with over 427 people visiting and finding me through web searches. And months after have achieved similar numbers.

I hit 50 likes on the Facebook page, and my email subscriber count has hit an all time high of four people! Yay! Which is up from 0 in January.

In non face readery news, I’m beginning to finish a novel I began eight years ago and I mean truly finish it. I’m finding less and less wrong with it, the plot is how I want it, the characters are consistent and I’ve finally understood what I was trying to say regarding my theme.

That’s not to say that it’s all been easy this year. Sometimes I’ve been in an emotional maelstrom for no apparent reason, sometimes between the three months where I could pay rent from an income I wondered if face reading was an entirely plausible and viable income source.

Because I understand Chinese birth date reading, I knew what was going on for me this year. This is the system I use for reading birth dates (and incorporate into the face reading work) which also based on Chinese Medicine.

The theory is that wherever we are born in the cycles of time, it leaves an imprint on us and impacts our character, for one thing, and where we are and what we will experience in a year in order to grow – as all life is structured around growth.

For me I was expecting a sensation of an arrival or homecoming, that the struggle of the past four years was finally over – the theme for this year was a harvest (literally early autumn) for me, so I knew I’d find something or something would happen that would make me feel that I had found my place in the world. And ta dah! I did. I’ve reaped rewards from keeping on this online business journey for two years.

It’s said that this sort of Earth year for me, that whatever starts this year will grow deep roots but equally it’s a year of beginnings and endings.

I can’t go into much about the endings, but I’ve had a few friendships end this year that I realise weren’t serving me. As for the deep roots and beginnings? I cannot tell yet but I hope so!

For next year, the theme is royalty, the king or queen. So I expect that it will feel like that I am coming into myself more, my own power, my own sense of self. The last time this happened nine years ago I became a writer and it felt as if I’d become more me, if that makes any sense (authenticity is another theme for next year).

So I’ll be consciously looking for things that don’t feel like me, things that don’t feel meaningful and then dropping them from my life.

What I’m hoping for is that I finally move out of my parents house!! Feeling and being more authentic can feel like a graduation, a sense of completion. I’d love for next year to be my “graduation” out of this house.

But, but, but, but, I need your help in order to do this.

I need this business to grow and thrive, and in order for that to happen I need to write here once a week, and it would be really nice and so much appreciated (and it would make my life easier) if you share any of my posts with friends. Or recommend me to them, or subscribe and follow the blog, the facebook page etc etc

One another note, if any of this talk of years and riding the seasons has caught your interest, I can do this for you.

These readings are not psychic and act as a forecast. I hope to, like a farmer’s almanac, use Chinese Medicine in order to tell you how to ride this “season” of your life rather than go against it, and inform you how your own biases and personal filters will affect this year by lightly reading your face and birth date.

These readings will last 45 minutes, will incorporate a Chinese face reading, and will be at a price of $140 USD.

Interested? Email circularfacereading@gmail.com with dates and times you have in mind. I’m on GMT time so please take that into consideration.

That’s it for this week, see you next!



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