Greta Thunberg: Part II

I was writing the following in an email to a friend and thought, well I could include these observations in a blog post. So here they are:The thickness of our eyebrows relates to how well we handle boundaries, in forming them and being aware if they are being crossed. Thicker eyebrows, like caterpillars, denotes that a person can do it easily, while thinner eyebrows means it’s much harder.

In Greta’s case her naturally thin eyebrows tell me she has great problems letting in/or not letting in, other’s energy and the world at large – due to the fact she’s so energetically fragile and sensitive (see previous post). Other problems include telling the difference between what is her pain, and what is everyone else’s, as there is no difference for her.

Great for the conviction of her activism, not so sure about her life in the long term.
Naturally thin eyebrows also mean someone who isn’t naturally confident. So Greta’s commitment to going out there and giving speeches stems from doing what’s right and her ability to see the bigger picture – “if I don’t say this, who will. What’s at stake is more important” – rather than “I can do it! I believe in myself!”

In the birth date system I use, she is called the “princess.”
Princesses in the hierarchy of royalty don’t have as much responsibility as Kings or Queens – they’re the ones hosting parties and charity galas not leading the country.
But when they are forced into a position of responsibility, it won’t fit them, and it will be difficult for them.
Away from the metaphor now and how this translates into real life.

A princess will take this position far too seriously and let it weigh heavily on their shoulders – when this happens they deprive themselves to make things better for others.

This deprivation could mean living in poor conditions, living off really basic dull food, deprivation to the point where there is no fun or joy in their lives. Of course, I’m not advocating that Greta just switches to luxury and extravagance, and fuck the planet, no!

I’m just worried that as this goes on, it will have a long term effect on her spirit and mental health, and her life will start to become one of joyless martyrdom because of her ideals. Hopefully not, as she some signs of mischief and playfulness in her face (up slanted eyes and eyebrows).
One of her life long challenges will be her commitment to her standards and ideals, and taking and enjoying small pleasures in life. Another lesson is learning that enjoying these pleasures, they need not come at the expense of others.

Okay, I’ve officially written 1,000 words on Greta Thunberg. I’ve hope you’ve all enjoyed this.
See you in a few days!


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